Late start…Happy New Year

I know it’s a little late to be saying Happy New Year, but mine of course is just finally about to begin. Why? you may ask or not even care was due to the fact I had bronchitis from Christmas Eve into 2018, and my baby girl had a cold and ear infection, so you can pretty much guess what the holidays consisted of.

It’s been a little while since i last posted, an I apologize, all I can say is that Life has been happening and very quickly as of lately. But I don’t want to even waste anytime talking about anything left from 2017. Let’s just fast forward and jump right into 2018! For me I don’t really believe in the saying ” New Year New Me” it’s pretty much a ” New Year same ol Me” just with a more clearer outlook on life and the direction in which I’m wanting to go. Which is no longer sitting around being a stagnant, stay at home, antisocial mother but living in my purpose, which is to become an Entrepreneur and jump right into not one but two business ventures that have nothing to do with one another, but are two of probably three of my stronger passion projects currently.

Which if you’ve read my first post you already know the answer to this, which is becoming a well established #selftaughtmua and #certified-personal trainer. I do not know how I can accomplish both of these projects this year but I’m going to give 110% of my time, energy, blood, sweat, and probably some tears to getting a bulk of this completed. Now it’s just a matter of where to start? Im talented in both areas and in well pursuit of mastering all the need to knows, it’s just time to complete a vision board and set the wheels in motion and take the training wheels off.

I’ve always prided myself on being someone who is really good at coming up with great ideas for businesses it’s just a matter of executing, putting the pen to paper, and taking those thoughts and putting them into action. Im currently in the phase of branding myself and trademarking my name thats first-and-foremost. Next Researching my target market and audience, and lastly going for it! Now of course theres a little more to do in between those steps but you get the gist of it. If anyone out there reading this has any input or suggestions feel free to comment.

I will definitely be posting more on here in a timely fashion. Seeing since my makeup is current front runner in getting things off the ground i’ll start showing some of my looks on here and things thats I’m learning from other artist. Which before I forget I just did an online holiday course with Renny Vasquez and can’t wait to share some cool techniques and tricks I learned. Happy New Years again to everyone and Ready. Set. Let’s GO!


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