Check In Time!

Hey young world!

How’s it been? I know the last post during the earlier part of January I said I was gonna do better at posting on here more consistently. I’ll say it again Life has just been happening. My other half finally finished up football season in January, we’ve been back n forth from Charlotte and NYC the past month which probably contributed to me being on and off sick and dealing with allergies.

But the show must go on… as far as life and how things have been going? I have finally dang near finished my vanity room up and gotten all of my equipment I need to start my youtube channel and start “vlogging” as well as continuing to blog. I gave myself this month to kick-start it off and at least before the month ends, 2 videos fully done, cut, edited, and ready for the world to see. Sooo its crunch time. My first video will be the most obvious an about me and telling what my channel will be focusing on. So will see how it goes. I’ve been giving it some thought for a while and with the current trends, and social media outlets having such an impact on the world I felt this channel would help push my makeup looks, branding for myself, and let people see my real personality not just from pictures and my writing but live in Living Color.

I’ve actually been working on a few looks from my “Holiday Glam” course with the Great Renny Vasquez such as: underpainting techniques which has to do with contour and highlighting something I love doing to my face softly. I know some are completely lost but ill make sure to add a few pics here at the bottom of this post. Doing a lot more bold eye looks some sultry, a few smokey eyes, and cool tones just trying to broaden my horizons. I even did a burgundy-red eye look for Valentines Day the other night something fun and a little daring nothing wrong with that. I was able to take a video he gave me and build up from a day time look into a night out on the town glam.

But just wanted to check in and let you know I’m still alive just was being delayed but I promise to start letting you all see more of me regularly posting relatable content! xoxo




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