Im BacKKK!!! Started a Youtube Channel

Hey young world,

I know yet again I said one thing and did another. But this time it was to clear my head, regroup and refocus, and get my projects in order. I am happy to say today I launched my youtube channel. Woot woot! It ties right into my blog and things ill discuss here I can speak out about through my youtube channel.  TheAsia Nicole is the name of it and my main focus is on Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fitness. I was nervous but excited today to launch it but it’s something i’ve been wanting to do for sometime now, just didn’t realize how much work goes into it.

For starters you want to have great content for people to want to engage in and keep their attention. Which I now know is something I need to do with both my blog and youtubing, consistency is the key. Next it’s not just picking a topic then record yourself  talking about it or demonstrating exactly what it is your discussing in that segment. You have editing to do, critiquing, adding in animation, customizing, voice overlay, checking your lighting, sound making sure everything is perfect. It is hard work and honestly now stepping into I can see why youtube is not for everybody and why some remain just viewers of the content LOL.

I feel that by starting this new journey, things that I post from my other social media platforms such as: Facebook, instagram, and my blog I can live out LIVE on this platform. With some of these social media handles you only get a glimpse into some of the things I want to share and the experiences that I go through. Through pics you can only make up your own opinion, my blog you get to see what I write about, but through vlogging and my youtube you can see the steps I take , get a better feel for my goofy personality, and have a voice to go with the words that I type.

I’m glad that I chose to start this new project and i’m hoping I continue to grow as a person through my writing and blogging, my new youtube experiences, and overall linking my passions together and making the most out of it. I’ll be checking back in this weekend to update on how my first get to know me post went. Talk soon xoxo!

Check it out!

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