New Youtube Project

So I said I would be back, sooner than later, and I intended to keep that promise. Now if i’m not mistaken I said every Sunday…I fell a little behind trying to edit and upload my youtube video and  didn’t make it to posting on here. Long story short, I fell asleep downstairs on my couch, computer in my lap, and phone across my chest.

Normally id be catching you all up on my daughter, coparenting with my other half, and home life during his offseason. But I am happy to say it’s been a little more busy for me and i’m actually excited about it. I kicked off my youtube channel last week and I was nervous, due to the fact it’s a new venture for me, and with anything new there are risk that come with the territory. It’s an open forum where people are able to see you not just through pictures but hear you, feel your presence, get a vibe for you. I have always been a goofy, fun, outspoken person; but I felt through my other social media platforms you couldn’t get as personal. Don’t get me wrong here on my blog I feel free because things that go on in my everyday life I have the freedom to talk about it here. But other social networks like Instagram and snapchat it’s literally just snapshots of my life and I can give as much or a little as I want for my audience to view.

With youtube’s platform i’m able to be more hands on and do tutorials on my makeup looks, answer some of the questions I get from people all the time about products I use, and show them how to apply and get similar results. Now of course with it being a bigger platform their are lots of people doing the same types of video’s and it’s not for everyone but there is nothing wrong with more than one way to do things. I have learned so much from this outlet and look forward to progressing in this new project and the more and more I get into it i’m the better I become.

I had to come and share this with you all over 340 views on my first video, and some likes a dislike but o well you cant please everyone and that not going to stop me. I do well at taking “constructive criticism”, but I am learning from just this short amount of time i’ve been on my channel some people are just plain rude and do it just because. lol thats life though questions that need answers you may never get, but life goes on. I just posted my second video a Q & A on my journey into makeup I published it tonight. I’ll attach the link like last week and go check it out! xoxo

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