Bachlorette & Wedding Chronicles

Sooo Lets take a step back into the last 2 months of my life, one of my closest friends Nikkita aka “Kita” got married and I was a bridesmaid in the wedding. We kicked off the Bachlorette Weekend in MIAMI where we had to board the cruise ship for the Bahamas where the real turn up would commence. This was a first time experience for me to say the lease, and I have motion sickness so there were times I really felt it. When we were on the booze cruise it began i took dramamine and again I passed out on the boat deack and had to be helped to my room.

It was nice to share this experience with her and some old friends and college track teammates I hadn’t seen in years and her big sister and childhood friend. It was like old times and hadnt missed a beat. Of course we danced lol which was always a tradition of ours, rather at a party, or track banquet, or just in the dorms. It was just like back in 07″! Yes thats when I graduated high school and went off to college. All of us but two attend the University of Missouri-Columbia aka “Mizzou” as we knew it, and still to this day our old Stomping Grounds. On the boat we grouped into two groups of 4 and had two rooms, so it was back to dorm style, two twin beds and a punk bed first come first serve lol.

This trip started off a little bumpy but only due to miscommunication and you have to realize their were 8 different personalities on board. Also some of us paid for wifi packages and those weren’t worth a damn so it was hard to keep up with everyone unless we used the buddy system. But we all came together in the end because we knew the trip was not about us but about celebrating Kita’s next chapter. We got off the boat and it was showtime. “Booze Cruise” was what we needed: Drinks, Snorkling ( which I dont recommend to drink before hand lol), jet skiing, and more drinking and dancing. Which lead us into the night where we explored, found local bars, and had a good ol time dancing the whole song and wont spill it (insider lol). This trip was one for the books and i’d do it again, but maybe just stay in the Bahamas at a resort for a few days lol due to my motion sickness. We ended the trip back in Miami on the beach chilling and relaxing in cabanas oceanside before saying our goodbyes.

IMG_0348  IMG_0349 2



Fast forward to May 5th, “Cinco De Mayo” aka “Cinco De Drinko” for some of us who take part in the festivities. But for us it was Kita and Tim’s Big Day! The ceremony took place in Kansas City, MO and it was nothing short of amazing. Specially for me to see their growth from the beginning til now the beautiful couple they’ve become. From the rehearsal dinner were we took a few shots of tequila in honor of them to a tray of them after the ceremony it was a site to see. Specially to see an interacial couple full of love and acceptance on both sides of the family becoming one. We had some laughs, even shed some tears at certain moments ( not me thou i’m a G) lol.

To see a dear friend ive been through hell and back with, to becoming a god parent of my daugther, and even someone I know through our ups & downs would go to her grave with my secrets. Im so happy for her and eternally gratful to have shared in this special moment. Now its time to get her into the mommy club cough* cough*.

2018-05-06 09.26.12


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