Off to Training Camp!

It feels like just a few weeks ago my other half aka “My Konehead” lol just finished his 4th career season of being a pro NFL player, and we were into off season spending family time. But yet it’s the end of July and foremost NFL Wags we know that represents time for Training camp and to help prep our men for reporting.

Training camp is a solid month of just team buiding, mastering and zoning in to prep for preseason, and the regular season to follow. Players trying to solidify themselves on the field, compete for their positions, cuts being made to drop from a 90 man roster to 53 players for the active regular season.

For me this time will be used trying to find us a temporary place in Dallas seeing since he signed to the Dallas Cowboys this past off season on a one year deal. Im actually excited I love Dallas and I hear everythings bigger down south so im hoping with this clean start new team, new number, and city will be a good change for our small family. Being a stay at home mother is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had, but the most rewarding at the same time. I get to spend time with my youngest little best friend my daughter Royal, who my mother tells me is the exact replica fof me growing up fron tthe dancing, singing, athletism to the sassiness and divaness with her daddies strong features lol.

This is when things start to pick back up for me on the road traveling to away games, back n forth between our home in Charlotte to Dallas and the Midwest to see our family. I’ll soon be posting about traveling with a toddler in their “Troublesome two’s” stage, helping manage charity things for my love, getting him game ready attire, and so much more. I also have some new business ventures as I step into entreprenuership.

So stay tuned! xoxo



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