Why did I even start this blog in the first place? I thought I knew, but since I’ve started I havent done much with it, or been as consistent as I could or should. So I took some time to really think about that question and I finally have the answer.

I want my blog to tell the story that it’s not about being a insta-model, or even just being labeled a “WAG”. But rather, it’s about learning your own inner and outer beauty, dressing to slay, and taking the world by storm every time you step foot out into it.

I intend to show other women/mothers that you don’t have to have it all together, to look and feel like you just walked offset from a photo shoot. You just need a hell of a wardrobe, a beat face, and a set of banging brows to slay all day…

The content I will produce on my blog will be geared toward self-love, and building confidence, beauty products, skin care, fitness, as well as style.



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