Want to know a secret to keep a Beat Face to Slay All Day?

The answer to this problem is quite simple and for any of my beauty bloggers or even those ladies and gents who are into makeup know a few solutions to this problem. Some of you are probably thinking to yourself great setting spray? or even the primer? Yes these are important steps as well to slay all day, but for the purpose of today’s post were going to go with Setting Powder. I currently have 3 go to products I use: Ben Nye Banana Powder, Laura Mercier Translucent powder, and Sacha Buttercup.

Now there are a few pros and cons I’ve been told about each one of these but it’s all about trial an error and finding what works for you. Not every make up product is meant for everyone and with all of the different types of skin we have it can become a headache. I personally have combination skin, my skin for the most part is fairly eventone and I just get oily in my T-Zone. For those who don’t know what that is it’s my nose and forehead area and a little under my eyes.

Lets starts with the Ben Nye Banana Powder this has been my consistent to one I go to even after I find something new to try it out. I call it my  Miss Reliable lol, At first I wasnt hesistant due to the fact that it’s not something you just find in a beauty or makeup store like Ulta, or Sephora you legit have to go online and order it from either theatrical makeup sites or amazon.com carries it through distributors. It has a nude tone of color and goes on well over the areas I highlight  such as under my eyes, forehead, and chin area. It doesnt cake up and for a good 8 to 10 hrs a day I do not have to touch up my makeup or anything maybe just  reapply setting spray.


Next up we have  Laura Mercier Transculent Powder, I started using this after following a few top beauty bloggers and youtubers who stated it was the new go to powder and worked well with all kinds of skintones even us women of color. I was more so afraid it would make me look like a ghost or after taking a photo with my phone the flashback would show it all. Now it did at first, but I started to realize “less was more” & not to use my blush brush apply and to set it, but a damp beauty blender to apply it and swipe it away with a brush and not let it set as long in the “baking stage” while contouring. This is  my go to in the winter specially when im a lot lighter tone it last about 6 to 8 hrs it’s more of my during the day powder so not a lot of sweating.


Lastly we have Sacha Buttercup, The reason why I put it last has nothing to do with it being the worst but more so it’s the newest one I have been trying, so I haven’t been using it long enough to say if i’m sold on it or not. The pros have been it blends well with my skintone, it doesnt have a white look to it, its more so a tan color like the ben nye powder. When I apply it under my eyes I have to be quick to remove it ,so not to cause the area to get creases. So i’ve been using less of it with hopes that it will work fine. So I will keep you all posted on the status of this one. It has definitely kept my face locked in for all day wear and in this 90 degree and higher weather we’ve been experiencing in Charlotte lately baby let me tell you it’s been much appreciated lol.


This are definitely my top setting powders and I have purchased a few new ones such as huda beauty and cover fx will see how they go with the transitioning into fall one of my favorit seasons. Are their any others you all suggest or are ” Have to Have” powders for all women skintones or women of color i’d love to hear about them. Feel free to leave any suggestions. Thanks


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