When it Rains it Pours: Hurricane Florence

This past week has been one of the longest ones i’ve experienced living out on the East Coast in the Carolinas. Most who live here would agree with me and say the same thing, and for those who saw on the news, or just viewing from other forms of social media saw tid bits of what was being reported live from the areas being hit. I appreciate every phone call, text message, or DM to check in on me and my daughter while we were here and our fur babies Malaya and Zeus, we had a big ol slumber party for the past 4 days.

Through the course of the weekend our days and nights consisted of binge watching mommy’s Law & Order SVU, Paw Patrol, and any other movies we had recorded lol. There were two times we lost power once for 15 mins and another for about 2-3 hrs. I made sure I was overly prepared not to the extreme as some but nonethless I had the main essentials.

Such as:

  • plenty of water
  • snacks
  • electronics ( battery pack, cell phone, tablets, computer)
  • flash lights
  • life jackets
  • sand bags


Just to name a few among other recommendations that I either googled “preparing for a hurricane” or just what was on the news stations and weather advisory. Hurricane Florence came, it saw, and conquered a lot of areas in the Carolinas. We are located in Charlotte, NC which didnt have as severe of an outcome as other parts, we were actually listed as a safe haven and evacuation location for those in Florence, Myrtle Beach, Fayetteville among others just to name a few. Evacuations started thursday to prepare for it. Many did leave others stayed due to being homeowners or having pets and things of that nature that either werent able to make arrangements for them or didnt realize how fatal the impact would be. Upon hitting on friday Hurricane Florence did drop to a category 1 but was still called a Tropical storm after that.

Now a week after there were some areas in South of Charlotte that experienced flooding a few miles from my area in Ballantyne and Waxhaw area. A lot was due to the lakes flooding and some drains being clogged and spilling out from there. Now it’s time to repair and rebuild our cities and help out in anyway possible whether it be donating money, food, clothes, and helping shelters that are taking in the hurricane victims. There is nothing worse than a natural disaster striking, and I can only imagine from being in its path and not having to expierence the fatal blows the emotional state of many people right now.

I thank God for having such a strong support system and my families prayers, good friends in charlotte, and advice during this time, and most importantly being prepared to protect my little family.  Its wild to imagine what just a few strong winds and a tropical storms can really do to open your eyes and see how much love and support you have around you and in your corner. We made it through the storm. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel and we can start to rebuild and repair as a community.

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